Ntobeko Sishi biography, age, education, gomora, songs & profile

Ntobeko Sishi biography, age, education, gomora, songs & profile

Ntobeko Sishi biography, age, education, gomora, songs & profile

Ntobeko Sishi biography, age, education, gomora, songs & profile

Ntobeko Sishi is a South African on-screen character and artist. He got mainstream subsequent to handling the job of Ntokozo in Gomora.

The character is a little fellow in secondary school who attempts to find his place in the arrangement.

He was naturally introduced to the family of Melusi and Gladys and is savvy. He isolates from his family following his association in wrongdoing and liquor.

As a general rule, the on-screen character is in excess of a guileless youngster. Ntobeko, all things considered, is keen and is a two degrees holder.


The well known on-screen character date and place of birth is still far off to general society.

Ntobeko Sishi is 21 years of age and his job in Gomora has picked up him much notoriety.


The up and coming entertainer experienced childhood in Durban and there he became keen on acting.

At seven years old, he started singing after he understood that he could perform. With time, the capable entertainer went into acting.


He went to the University of Cape Town, where he ran a four-year program.

Ntobeko holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance.

He likewise acquired a post-graduate respect in Entrepreneurship. His grant permitted him to examine Economics and Finance.

Ntokozo from Gomora

In a meeting with Channel24, he shared that he didn’t go to the tryout for the job.

Or maybe he went for a TV program Nkululelo in light of the fact that he couldn’t communicate in Xhosa.

His exhibition intrigued the distribution house that gave him a spot when they cast for Gomora.

“I had at first tried out for a similar creation organization that made Gomora when they did Nkululelo however I didn’t get the job since they needed a Xhosa talking lead and I am Zulu.

“They kept my tryout tapes and when they were searching for somebody to play Ntokozo I got a call to try out for the job and I got it and I am completely getting a charge out of it.

“I am lowered to be encircled by such incredible and unbelievable entertainers to gain from,” he said.

The performer has dropped two singles to date. Ntobeko singles incorporate All Night and Either Way.

He dropped the melody All Night on the twelfth of April 2019 and Either Way was discharged for the current year on April 24th.

Ntobeko is a multi-gifted performer and sings primarily RnB and by and by, he is dealing with new music.

His new single is telling about a relationship and the tragedy in it. Before the year closes, he has planned to drop an EP or a mixtape.

Ntobeko was an entertainer on the Mzansi famous arrangement on SABC2 Signal High.

In spite of the fact that the youthful and capable personality is in media outlets. He feels that considering Finance would profit him the more.

This would permit him the capacity to blend two enterprises and bring forth his own.

The performer has the vision of making a maintainable industry for African creatives.



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