Berita Khumalo biography, age, boyfriend, profile, birthday & Instagram

Berita Khumalo biography, age, boyfriend, profile, birthday & Instagram

Berita Khumalo biography, age, boyfriend, profile, birthday & Instagram

Gugulethu Berita Khumalo brought into the world 27th of June 1991 in Bulawayo is a Zimbabwean artist. The South African-based performer’s affection for music could be followed to her days in the ensemble.


Her date of birth is on the 27th of June 1991 and the place of birth is in Bulawayo. Berita Khumalo is 29 years of age and commends her birthday consistently on June 27th.

Berita invested quite a bit of 2018 energy reeling from heartbreak but now she uncovered that the waterway of affection has once streamed to her.

Her newly discovered love is a man that has inhaled new life into her sentimental life and profession.

“I recollect the finish of a year ago I needed to report here on Twitter that I was taking a rest since I was experiencing a great deal!

“My essence were broken. It was a truly trying time and it made meextremely upset to need to pull away from all of you. Be that as it may, it was required,” she uncovers

Following the deplorability love came thumping indeed, she uncovered in a meeting that she had rediscovered her quality off the rear of a caring relationship.

“I am being dealt with (by my sweetheart) and he is generally excellent for me, and makes a situation for me to function admirably.

“In spite of the fact that I am not referencing any names, he makes me glad,” she said.

She would not make reference to the name of her man however The Soweantan affirmed that Berita was infatuated.

“She is with somebody who she cherishes, and who comprehends where she as of now is in her life,” said a source.

“He isn’t somebody who is broadly in the music business, yet has had her back all through her excursion.”


Berita is the first child of five children, she grew up Bulawayo, her place of birth, with Zhombe. Her father and mother were teachers and worked at Rio Tinto in Zhombe.


Berita spent part of two years back, 2018 reeling from heartbreak but recently she shared that the river of love has again flowed to her side.


From the start, the now well known artist has no enthusiasm for music. In spite of the fact that she was a congregation ensemble in Zhombe during the time she remained with her folks.

At 18 years old, Berita started to compose melodies and purchased a guitar. Toward the beginning, her folks didn’t bolster her beginning a profession in music.

They at that point sent her back to her nation, Zimbabwe, believing that she would concentrate more on her investigations once she arrives.

Indeed, even in the midst of protestations, she returned her guitar on her approach to Zimbabwe.

She later dropped her first collection Conquering Spirit for which she brought home an honor.

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